thinkerarium {est. 15 Dec 2018}
by Nico Steyn

Welcome to my thinkerarium. I've threatened to write a book forever. But real life impacts, and I change my routines. New projects pop up, and I lose focus. I burn the midnight oil, and I run out of steam. Those are all excuses. It is time to go all in; and this is it.

2018 has been the year of greatest introspection, evaluation and learning. Growing. I decided to order my thoughts from across several blogs, documents and research sources, right here! That image up there is the placeholder I chose as reminder of the cover for my book.

Please join me on this journey, as I shape information about my experiences in thinking, business and personal development from the past seven businesses I've started - and the biggest of all I am planning, which lies ahead...


I was blessed to become Creative Director of MNET television at twenty-one, working under the marketing genius of Chris Raats.
Chris afforded me the fantastic chance visit the heart of high-end creativity on Madison Avenue in NY, to connect with CD’s from agencies and TV channels such as Nickelodeon, Mtv, ESPN and Showtime.
This unforgettable experience to “learn what you can and bring it home, so we can make this thing work”, was an attitude that has remained close to my heart for all of my life.

At first, my job felt pretty daunting, because I soon found out that the stuff I had always done intuitively, came with some difficulty for others. Because I had no experience to articulate what I was doing when I was being “creative”, it frustrated people who worked with me.
And so it was that I set out to discover everything about this mysterious thing called creativity.
Over the past twenty years or so, I have worked hard to make creativity easier for people to understand in concept. My creative teams understand their talent better and come to grips with the basics fast; that means we get to the great ideas faster!


the brainstorm

Brainstorming was developed by Alex Faickney Osborn, back in 1939. He was an advertising executive, frustrated with the thinking & inability of co-workers, to come up with creative ideas.

Here's his METHOD: (i) write down a short problem statement, allow the group to (ii) briefly vocalise ideas, next (iii) spend quiet time to process, then (iv) exchange new ideas and wrap the session. (Remember to capture the information!)

Today brainstorming really is a bit of an antique when it comes to developing great ideas. However, two of Osborn's concepts remain important: The first is to defer judgement and also to reach for quantity when you ideate.

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