Thrownness (Part ii)

Thrownness (Part ii)

On Mindset: EVENTS, the results of Time & Space, eventually turn into ACTION. Or, as Martin Heidegger suggests, “non” action – which is also good for our purpose here today! We respond in a particular way to the world, as we perceive our REALITY, and our lives become a cycle we subscribe to, in the form of a series of rituals and a “mindset” that dictates what we will do. We go to movies, to restaurants, watch TV and so on. And pretty soon the things we do, define our REALITY.


But remember, it isn’t THE REALITY. (See Friday’s Post, HERE!)

The real danger comes when we don’t expose ourselves to anything outside that membrane any longer. And the loop closes. Now you have your life; and there you go. Soon we only act on what we know, and our exposure narrows down to the effect that we become the person our action defines us as.

People begin to react to this, because it is who we seem to be. So the boundaries we set ourselves, also begin to define the personae others perceive us to be. And if they treat us in a particular way, it is because of the image they now hold of us. Suddenly we wake up one day, and we hate our lives “because of the way people treat us!


This is pretty much how we suddenly find ourselves trapped, in a kind of thinking and behaviour we don’t want for ourselves anymore. But changing mindset is the hardest thing to do. Because you try and think differently, and people say: “What’s wrong with you, you never wanted that before!” or “Why do you want to do that?

You’re suddenly “out of character”, but the fact is, this character is only a perception of someone you created when you started acting and thinking in a way, because of your understanding of your EVENTS, the results of your Time and your Space. Freaky, isn’t it? 


Change is so hard because it is founded in our belief system. And Trownness gives me hope, because it says that what I have believed until now might just be a part of the reality. It is a bit like waking up to The Matrix, isn’t it?  In order to adjust thinking and make a change to your reality, you need to shake things up a little:

  • Find new inspiration every day
  • Questions the “Givens” of your reality
  • Break cycles & routines every once a while

This is shaky ground! But as soon as you start looking around for that inspiration, it is going to hit. There are super ideas out there, waiting to be discovered; New ways of doing things, you could never have imagined from inside your boundaries. Go on; take the first step!

KEY: Creativity is an Adventure

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