Idea-a-day #001

Idea-a-day #001

Today we kick off with an Acton Card to demonstrate how you could move forward with solutions to a problem you’re trying to solve. This random card asks you to explore “making the solution portable”. A possible take-out might be:



Could you take it with you? It may seem a little strange at a first glance, to be expected to make your problem portable. But if you think about it, there must be some aspect, even emotional, that you could possibly pack in and take with you! The idea here is to look for some part of the whole, you may have ignored thus far – and this very part may hold the key to an elegant solution:

  • Could you make the problem lighter, smaller or more compact?
  • Would it possible to work with parts of the whole to solve this problem? Perhaps there is one small part you could remove all-together or re-model?
  • Finally, if the problem were portable, WHERE would you move it?

See if a discussion around portability could help you find a new angle on the solution; Remember to always have fun with your thinking and be sure to involve everyone in the room!


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