Idea-a-day #002

Idea-a-day #002

We continue to celebrate thinking, even on weekends, and this is a Master Card. It means we borrow from the methodologies of Masters to see how they would approach the solution to a problem. Leonardo da Vinci is known for the very elaborate drawings and plans of his inventions:



Changing perspective is key to really solving the toughest problems. We’ve talked about the words we use to first describe problems, also about how a certain angle may obstruct our vision in finding the right solution. This little technique helps to find completely new angles: Could you draw a diagram of your problem?:

  • See if a birds’ eye-view of the problem helps you to get an overview of other aspects that influence the situation
  • What other aspects of the problem in the immediate surroundings, may influence your thinking?
  • Are there parts of the whole that might hold the solution?

As always, remember to have fun while you think. And a happy weekend to you!


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