Idea-a-day #003

Idea-a-day #003

It is day three of our challenge to keep pushing the envelope with new ideas every day. Here’s another Action Card from The Ideas Game, and this one asks you to look at your problem statement from a time-frame perspective:



Sometimes it helps to look at your problem in a kind of “Retro” light. So how could you add Nostalgic Appeal? Well, as much as you could project into the future to learn how the problem turns out, you could also take a nostalgic view and see if you could learn anything from its past, or perhaps apply some solutions from yesteryear with a twist, for a fresh outcome:

  • What part of the “problem” really made it appealing, or had charm in the past?
  • Is there an aspect of this problem that looked/felt great in the past?
  • what would the packaging of this problem have looked like in the 60’s?

As always; have a Great Thinking Weekend!


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