Idea-a-day #004

Idea-a-day #004

Other people’s perspectives or opinions might still be one of the most powerful concepts one could employ in order to get a clearer understanding of just about anything. If we had more of that in the world, I’m pretty sure it could be a better place. To celebrate Monday, I want to park this idea one more time with a Change Card:



Try and view your problem from someone else’s perspective. What would a newspaper or TV reporter write about it? Go through the motions of actually compiling a report in their shoes and see what fresh angle you might come up with in terms of a solution:

  • Reporters use a headline to grab your attention; what part of your problem grabs the attention, begging for solution? What would it look like on a headline?
  • Reporters work with facts first, but also tell a story with emotion in order to draw you in; is there a part of the problem that could get emotional buy-in?
  • Often times there is a single iconic image they use to draw your attention, capture the imagination and make you feel as if you were there! What single icon or image of you problem could do this?

Discuss some ideas around this report with people in the office. As always, remember to have a fantastic day, filled with a lot of fun as you think!


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