Idea-a-day #005

Idea-a-day #005

I am so grateful that I’ve had record numbers of people viewing my blog over the past few weeks! Thank you for this, I will keep doing my best to have interesting information here. Today we look at solving problems by changing our perspective through a Change Card from The Ideas Game. One can do that by playing roles in a group:



At first, it may feel a bit off a killer to role-play when it comes to problem solving; but here is why it works. In other people’s shoes, one gets to experience a completely different perspective of just about anything. Take a look at your problem, through the eyes of a Judge:

  • Do you have all the information in order to make a fair call on the situation?
  • Is there another witness you could call on for some vital information about the problem you face?
  • Could you suggest some corrective action that might help this problem fit in better into society?

This particular role could be a lot of fun; Back to watching Boston Legal… Happy thinking!


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