#003: What’s RIGHT with you?

#003: What’s RIGHT with you?

2018 marks a year of the most radical change I’ve gone through in my whole life. It was also a time of great personal development. On this front, I was thrilled to have breakfast with my dear friend, Magriet Mouton. She is the Gallup Africa Programme Manager and a certified Strengths Coach. 

If you haven’t heard of StrengthsFinder, I do suggest you check it out right away. A really smart psychologist  – who is also a keen entrepreneur – decided to use psychology to figure out what makes people excel at stuff, rather than what’s wrong with them. His name was Donald O. Clifton.

With StrengthFinder, Clifton explores some 30 talents, common to all individuals: Strategy, empathy, connectedness and so on. 

Your top ten talents, particularly the top five, define personality. In fact, its probably key to one’s DNA in how you approach problem-solving, business and just about everything in your life.

I was fascinated as I listened to Magriet explain the real power of my talents to me. Suddenly, I started to understand why it is that I love to think about the future, plan things and focus on single-minded, big ideas. 

Basically, one cannot help but be in flow when you put these talents to use. It is also helpful to know the talents of the people you interact with. In business, I’d say, it is paramount to help you understand your partners better. 

The greatest part about putting together a team for your next project, is that one really needs all of those 34 talents represented, in order to get the best results. If you’re particularly low on a talent, it is important to identify or be aware of that. I’ve discovered that even the greatest talents could be a negative contribution if applied wrong. As always, be careful of black hat thinking, or “balcony behavior” of a talent, as Clifton describes this concept.

Armed with this knowledge that guarantees flow in everything I take on, I finished a damn great moer koffie (which I regard as a cappuccino) at the Bergbron Farmhouse Garden Centre!


It was such a pleasure spending time with someone so amazingly focused and strategic. I’ve known you for about 4 years and when we discovered your talents, it was amazing! Still amazed!

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