#005: The Hundred-Day Plan

#005: The Hundred-Day Plan

During final year of running my last company, I started using the “First 100 Days in Office” concept. It was inspired by the short-term plans a newly voted president usually puts in place, when he or she first gets into power. It is usually a sharp strategy to secure quick wins and build confidence. I had such good results when I used it before that I decided to do it again for 2019.

If you think about it, a hundred days are little more than a quarter, and one could consider running three such sprints in a year, with some sixty odd days spare in-between, to reset and get ready for the next one.

And so I started planning a course of action, no more than five goals, which our business will focus on over the first hundred days of the year. There are high-level points such as key hires, new business and sales strategies but also fundamental tactical aspects such as refining the vision, philosophy and values, if we are to scale the business successfully. 

I found it helpful to put down important milestones at intervals of two weeks, to give structure to the plan and drive performance. Once you turn those into wins, they build confidence and enthusiasm to see the plan through. The whole team needs to buy in, because the impetus of these wins will become the culture of your new company. Without a unified vision of all your people, it would be impossible to build anything.  

Top coaches propose that a CEO or Founder block out at least two half days per week in order to focus, plan, adjust and build. This time I sat at the fabulous Countess at the 27 Boxes in Melville, sipping on a glorious cappuccino while I prepared to execute on my hundred-day plan. Remember that you need to start BEFORE Day One so that you’re ready to take control right from the start!

Thank you for supporting my blog. Wishing you only the biggest dreams and the best of plans to execute upon those in 2019. 

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