#008: Perspective (Distance)

#008: Perspective (Distance)

There is a guiding principle in my life, which probably finds itself in a deeper conscience because of the work that I do. I do consider myself a LIVE TV director before anything else. It is my first love and a big part of my early career in creating content.

Directing a live television broadcast is considered one of the most stressful jobs one could do. It is right up there with open-heart surgeons and air traffic controllers. The job requires a combination of skills beside the obvious to be super alert, make sharp decisions and operate on strong instinct as you pre-empt just about anything that might happen next on air. No matter how well you plan, things will go wrong and it isn’t a “Plan B” or “C” that will circumvent disaster, but rather how you use your intuitive intelligence to navigate all the balls in the air at any one time. Sounds a lot like entrepreneurship? 

One of the things I learnt about the business of being in control of a live studio is a good strategy to sit back and take stock before you make any decisions. Even in that moment of chaos when it feels as if everything is going wrong!

The best to do is not to inflict any more damage on the system. At any time there are some forty crewmembers waiting for a clear instruction to save the moment. You cannot panic. You don’t add tension. And you never let them hear fear in your voice. When no one else can see the vision at a distance, the best thing is to pull out and get perspective. Fast.

I think this concept of getting “distance” from the problem often stood me in good stead in business too. It is a principle to help assess any situation and to make good decisions without being too emotional about them at the time.

Any product one creates is really a solution to a common problem and that’s why people will buy. As problem solvers, we need to get far away from the issue to get the full picture before we get to work on it.

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