#010: De-clutter

#010: De-clutter

#010: De-clutter

I don’t know about you, but I gather things. I have a massive DVD/Blue-ray collection of all my favorite art house, action and animation movies. Some pretty rare movies include Russian Arc, the Director’s Cut of Cinema Paradiso as well as the E.T. 20thAnniversary Release, with an orchestration conducted LIVE, by John Williams from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. 

Then I also collect miniature trains in NG scale. For the longest time, I’ve threatened to build complete dioramas and environments for those. My marketing, strategy and innovation books gather dust on a third shelf I added. And there is a lot more.

But I don’t think one only clutters your life and living spaces with “things”. We also clutter our brain; Mostly with thoughts.

There are multiple thoughts and ideas and to-do lists and must-get-to “things” that sometimes, incapacitate us completely. That’s when people become too mentally paralysed to even know where to begin on executing or responding to all of this.

Recently I’ve felt a little overwhelmed. There is so much going on. Although I balance the development of several projects, I sometimes feel as if I’m not getting to it all. And so I looked for a solution.

I found that a single page in my RocketBook, preferably at the back where I can easily page to fast (and often), is where I list my priorities. On the left I quickly number their importance in the morning, then I decide to focus on the three that are most critical to achieve.

During the day I may add ideas or items, but by tomorrow I’ll be able to re-prioritize and get to those – unless they require my immediate attention.  I put question marks beside things that may just be cluttering up my list. By the end of the day, items with question marks are either dealt with, or removed, or they may become priority-numbered in the morning. 

In the final analysis, it is key that one just gets to the list.  Get stuck in to get it all done. Careful that this does not become a way to find excuses or bump stuff off, but rather to get focus and action. 

It may also be an idea to learn to let go of “things” that just add to the noise and clutter on your list. If all else fails, take look at my clip on Multi-tasking to remind you that no one can do it. 

Now take a deep breath and get to it! 

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