This is an archive of older posts from my original blog, Th!nk. It had more than 75 000 hits in six years, for which I am very grateful. I do think there was something worthwhile reading, and made a selection of the most popular posts to place here. I hope you find value in some of those thoughts. 

Say YES!

I have no intention of turning this into a "Musical Blog", but when it comes to a positive attitude there is a lot to be gleaned from toe-tapping Broadway Musicals! And there is one song in particular, written by one of the most successful song-writer teams I know of. (And, no, I am not talking about Benny & Bjorn!)

John Kander & Fred Ebb are best known for Chicago, which wowed movie audiences with fantastic performances by Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. They also wrote the famous theme of New York, New York, popularized by Frank Sinatra.


But there is also this obscure song, which they wrote many years ago for a TV Special with Liza Minnelli, called YES! I'm not sure that most people even know about this show, but I do know that the words of this song should be true inspiration for anyone looking for new ideas; and that's why I'm going to post about it today.

(In spite of the fact that people may think I'm just trying to make up 500 words by quoting someone else's lyric!)

If you're really a big fan and strong enough for a fabulous Liza performance, then be sure to check check it out her video HERE:

Life keeps happenin' every day, say YES!  
When opportunity comes your way 
You can't start wonderin' what to say 
You'll never win if you never play, say YES!

By now you can tell why I like this lyric; it is talking about seeing stuff as opportunities, and a complete willingness to explore. I'm pretty sure Thomas Edison would have wanted to record these guys on his phonogram right from the start, because it echos his relentless attitude to find the solutions - they exist and you simply can't think anything but "Say YES!"

Now, here comes the best part in the chorus:

Don't say WHY, say why NOT?
What lies beyond what IS, is NOT!
So what, say YES!
Yes I can, Yes I will!
Yes I’d love to do such and such!
Yes, I’ll try: Yes, I’ll dare
Yes I'll fly and yes I’ll share!
Yes, oh YES!

I read a little between the lines here, and this part tells me to go off and do stuff other people warn you about. You know, Leonardo da Vinci often says in his notes, that he'd rather experience things first hand instead of taking people's word for it. And this attitude stood him in fantastic stead; so I know he'd have approved of this song too! Are your toes tapping yet? Do you feel like storming out there and taking on the whole WORLD of NEW? Wonderful; then look out for the big finish:

Yes, I am! and yes, I'll be! And YES, I'll go! Oh, YES!

You've got to imagine this in a big voice, as only Liza Minnelli can do when she takes on a hundred-and-twenty piece orchestra, single handedly. You get the picture, right?

Say: "YES!"

Wishing everyone a year full of great ideas ahead!


Thrownness* (Part i)

*(German: Geworfenheit)

One of the most enlightened moments I have ever had was when I recently opened a large notebook, which I have slowly been filling up with ideas, scribbles and the occasional quotes of inspiration over the years. There was a page with a paragraph or two by a writer I now wish I had remembered the name of. The topic was "On Thrownness", and the concept was explained as follows:

“We have all been "thrown" into this world through no choice of our own. Yet, any physicist will tell you that by the simple addition of your energy to the mix of things in this universe, nothing will ever be the same again!”

Think about it; you have changed everything just by being here.


Now that is an amazing thought to begin with, but it gets better...

Right now, we all live in the most promising time of all. Why? Because it is the only time we have. How could we view it as anything BUT promising?


Although there are a lot of things we cannot choose, such as family, school and politics - perhaps even friends are "givens" in the bigger picture of our lives. These are the EVENTS that fix the mythology of our terrain: religion, beliefs.

But what we often do not understand is that these things that so implicitly bind us, are only correct for the TIME and PLACE we were "thrown" into. In other words, if we had been "thrown" into any other time or place, our events may have caused us to have a completely different set of rules.

Now by the time I was reading this, a major "ah-hah!" alarm bell was already going off. And ever since, I have tried to remind myself as often as I could, that everything I know to be true could just be my imagination. Make sense?


German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, first introduced the concept of Thrownness. Wikipedia sums it up like this:

“Thrownness describes the interactions of the subject with its surroundings in the everyday life, that causes it to act upon instincts, immediate reactions to other people's language and actions, ‘flow with the situation, and immediate interpretations.”

Now it gets tricky from there on in, because Heidegger further suggests that to “not act” is also an action and after that he just loses me!

But my understanding of the long and the short of it all is that it is TIME and PLACE which create the EVENTS of our lives; and these events are only OUR REALITY, not necessarily THE REALITY.

Which reality are you going to choose to go with today?

Happy Friday!


Thrownness (Part ii)

On Mindset: EVENTS, the results of Time & Space, eventually turn into ACTION. Or, as Martin Heidegger suggests, “non” action - which is also good for our purpose here today! We respond in a particular way to the world, as we perceive our REALITY, and our lives become a cycle we subscribe to, in the form of a series of rituals and a “mindset” that dictates what we will do. We go to movies, to restaurants, watch TV and so on. And pretty soon the things we do, define our REALITY.


But remember, it isn’t THE REALITY. (See Friday’s Post, HERE!)

The real danger comes when we don’t expose ourselves to anything outside that membrane any longer. And the loop closes. Now you have your life; and there you go. Soon we only act on what we know, and our exposure narrows down to the effect that we become the person our action defines us as.

People begin to react to this, because it is who we seem to be. So the boundaries we set ourselves, also begin to define the personae others perceive us to be. And if they treat us in a particular way, it is because of the image they now hold of us. Suddenly we wake up one day, and we hate our lives “because of the way people treat us!


This is pretty much how we suddenly find ourselves trapped, in a kind of thinking and behaviour we don’t want for ourselves anymore. But changing mindset is the hardest thing to do. Because you try and think differently, and people say: “What’s wrong with you, you never wanted that before!” or “Why do you want to do that?

You’re suddenly “out of character”, but the fact is, this character is only a perception of someone you created when you started acting and thinking in a way, because of your understanding of your EVENTS, the results of your Time and your Space. Freaky, isn't it? 


Change is so hard because it is founded in our belief system. And Trownness gives me hope, because it says that what I have believed until now might just be a part of the reality. It is a bit like waking up to The Matrix, isn’t it?  In order to adjust thinking and make a change to your reality, you need to shake things up a little:

  • Find new inspiration every day
  • Questions the “Givens” of your reality
  • Break cycles & routines every once a while

This is shaky ground! But as soon as you start looking around for that inspiration, it is going to hit. There are super ideas out there, waiting to be discovered; New ways of doing things, you could never have imagined from inside your boundaries. Go on; take the first step!

KEY: Creativity is an Adventure

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