Back in 2011 I decided to post a range of 100 Cue Cards from a board game I invented. It was a fun exercise and I thought to pull all those posts in onto this site. Keep a lookout for more details of The Ideas Game on the site. It really is a great way to get teams to work together and develop great columns of ideas.

Idea-a-day #005

I am so grateful that I've had record numbers of people viewing my blog over the past few weeks! Thank you for this, I will keep doing my best to have interesting information here. Today we look at solving problems by changing our perspective through a Change Card from The Ideas Game. One can do that by playing roles in a group:



At first, it may feel a bit off a killer to role-play when it comes to problem solving; but here is why it works. In other people's shoes, one gets to experience a completely different perspective of just about anything. Take a look at your problem, through the eyes of a Judge:

  • Do you have all the information in order to make a fair call on the situation?
  • Is there another witness you could call on for some vital information about the problem you face?
  • Could you suggest some corrective action that might help this problem fit in better into society?

This particular role could be a lot of fun; Back to watching Boston Legal... Happy thinking!


Idea-a-day #004

Other people's perspectives or opinions might still be one of the most powerful concepts one could employ in order to get a clearer understanding of just about anything. If we had more of that in the world, I'm pretty sure it could be a better place. To celebrate Monday, I want to park this idea one more time with a Change Card:



Try and view your problem from someone else's perspective. What would a newspaper or TV reporter write about it? Go through the motions of actually compiling a report in their shoes and see what fresh angle you might come up with in terms of a solution:

  • Reporters use a headline to grab your attention; what part of your problem grabs the attention, begging for solution? What would it look like on a headline?
  • Reporters work with facts first, but also tell a story with emotion in order to draw you in; is there a part of the problem that could get emotional buy-in?
  • Often times there is a single iconic image they use to draw your attention, capture the imagination and make you feel as if you were there! What single icon or image of you problem could do this?

Discuss some ideas around this report with people in the office. As always, remember to have a fantastic day, filled with a lot of fun as you think!


Idea-a-day #003

It is day three of our challenge to keep pushing the envelope with new ideas every day. Here's another Action Card from The Ideas Game, and this one asks you to look at your problem statement from a time-frame perspective:



Sometimes it helps to look at your problem in a kind of "Retro" light. So how could you add Nostalgic Appeal? Well, as much as you could project into the future to learn how the problem turns out, you could also take a nostalgic view and see if you could learn anything from its past, or perhaps apply some solutions from yesteryear with a twist, for a fresh outcome:

  • What part of the "problem" really made it appealing, or had charm in the past?
  • Is there an aspect of this problem that looked/felt great in the past?
  • what would the packaging of this problem have looked like in the 60's?

As always; have a Great Thinking Weekend!


Idea-a-day #002

We continue to celebrate thinking, even on weekends, and this is a Master Card. It means we borrow from the methodologies of Masters to see how they would approach the solution to a problem. Leonardo da Vinci is known for the very elaborate drawings and plans of his inventions:



Changing perspective is key to really solving the toughest problems. We've talked about the words we use to first describe problems, also about how a certain angle may obstruct our vision in finding the right solution. This little technique helps to find completely new angles: Could you draw a diagram of your problem?:

  • See if a birds' eye-view of the problem helps you to get an overview of other aspects that influence the situation
  • What other aspects of the problem in the immediate surroundings, may influence your thinking?
  • Are there parts of the whole that might hold the solution?

As always, remember to have fun while you think. And a happy weekend to you!


Idea-a-day #001

Today we kick off with an Acton Card to demonstrate how you could move forward with solutions to a problem you're trying to solve. This random card asks you to explore "making the solution portable". A possible take-out might be:



Could you take it with you? It may seem a little strange at a first glance, to be expected to make your problem portable. But if you think about it, there must be some aspect, even emotional, that you could possibly pack in and take with you! The idea here is to look for some part of the whole, you may have ignored thus far - and this very part may hold the key to an elegant solution:

  • Could you make the problem lighter, smaller or more compact?
  • Would it possible to work with parts of the whole to solve this problem? Perhaps there is one small part you could remove all-together or re-model?
  • Finally, if the problem were portable, WHERE would you move it?

See if a discussion around portability could help you find a new angle on the solution; Remember to always have fun with your thinking and be sure to involve everyone in the room!